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Mobile dating app usage has grown from 3.7 minutes in June 2010 to 8.4 minutes in June 2011.

This is further evidence that supports Flurry’s recent report on mobile app usage dominating web browsing.

Flurry reports that mobile dating apps command more time compared to online dating sites.

On average, 8.4 minutes are spent in mobile dating apps vs. And a year ago, people spent twice as much time on the Internet for dating as they now do in mobile apps.

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Findings suggest that holding may be experienced as a false realization of potential relationships through physical engagement of devices; theoretically, this realization may be understood as an inversion of interpersonal haptic nonverbals, as holding is less about interpersonal intimacy and more about heuristic engagement with the other as an object.

When two people both "like" each other, only then can they send each other messages.

In just a few short months, Tinder has already generated 4.7 billion profile ratings and is being downloaded more frequently than all other dating apps.

Some companies even offer services such as homing devices to alert users when another user is within thirty feet of one another.

Some systems involve bluetooth technology to connect users in locations such as bars and clubs. These systems are actually more popular in some countries in Europe and Asia than online dating.

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