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I created my account in 2015 and after spending hundreds of dollars, just like others, I ended up disabled.

Sound and music are the original augmented reality technology.

Die Förderstelle IMV arbeitet wissenschaftsbasiert und setzt Impulse für die Weiterentwicklung innovativer Versorgungskonzepte.

This game aims to protect visitors but they just there to take your money.

-Harassment and stalking now that you know where I live… After being walked home on a first date: “Project work?

Although their catalog is filled with brands and stuff with logos they random pick creators and take their account and all the money from it.

Over 2000 dollar spend in 1.5 years to have a nice shop and good sales in it.

The Norwegian Academy of Music, the University of Oslo Department of Musicology, " The annual Kyma International Sound Symposium includes papers, workshops, demos, and live performances presented by Kyma practitioners along with master classes presented by the creators of Kyma, all tied together by a unifying theme.

You are invited to learn, to share, to meet, and to enjoy! Thursday 12 October 2017 KISS, the annual Kyma International Sound Symposium, is talks, workshops, demos, and live performances presented by Kyma practitioners, all connected by a unifying theme.

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