Dating mccoy pottery marks

We continue to add new items all the time, so please come back to see what's new.New visitors: Just peruse our collection of antique and collectible pieces. Check out our e Bay listings and positive feedback ratings on our inkspot-antiques page.In 1911, they merged with two other potteries forming the Brush-Mc Coy Pottery Company.

Fulper produced art pottery from around 1900 to 1935.

For example the photo to the right shows the Rookwood trademark with 8 flames indicating this vase was produced in 1894.

Beginning in 1901, the company stopped adding flames to the logo and started using roman numerals below the fourteen flame trademark to date the pottery.

Mc Coy Pottery Company was founded in 1899, in Roseville, Ohio, by J. The plant was destroyed by fire in 1903, but rebuilt a couple of years later.

They produced stoneware and some art pottery lines.

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