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Criminals aren’t supposed to be allowed to reap the spoils of their crimes, but the Lufthansa Heist at Kennedy International Airport in 1978 made a lot more money than just the original million ( mil if you account for inflation), which is the biggest heist in American history.The Lufthansa heist has, so far, produced two made for TV movies, .

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Willingham told the Barbees to call the Fire Department, and while Diane raced down the street to get help he found a stick and broke the children’s bedroom window. He broke another window; flames burst through it, too, and he retreated into the yard, kneeling in front of the house.Although Paladin will charge steep fees to clients who can afford to hire him, typically US00 per job, he will provide his services for free (i.e., pro bono) to poor people who need his help.Like many westerns, the television show was set during a nebulous period after the Civil War.Jimmy Burke started in crime when he was a teenager.He proved that he was a standup guy by the time he was 18 in 1949 when did a nickel bank forgery without opening up his mouth.

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