Are stine bramsen and anders sg dating

My friend on stardoll read in a Danish pop magazine that he OFFICIALLY SAID HE WAS GAY, but i'm not sure. The Danish pop act Alphabeat -- comprised of members Anders SG (vocals), Stine Bramsen (vocals), Anders B (guitar), Rasmus Nagel (keyboard), Anders Reinholdt (bass), and Troels Hansen (drums) -- entered the European pop scene in 2007 with a self-titled debut record.The UK-based Danish pop group Alphabeat played their first ever show in New York City on March 23, 2010 at Santos Party House.The sold out crowd had already gotten warmed up as the DJ played songs such as “My Little Red Book” by Love and “The Look” by Roxette to get the party started and then the opening act One Night Only totally rocked our socks off.The determined Danes abandoned their old, guitar-driven outlook for a more dancefloor-friendly approach after Anders had an epiphany while walking through an open-air market in Bristol. 'I heard the Black Box single Ride On Time and it inspired me to make a record that reflected my love of classic songwriting,' he says.

Ultimately, Alphabeat's debut album was reissued in Europe in 2008, albeit under the name This Is Alphabeat.Prior to hitting the stage for their first appearance in New York, I met singer Stine Bramsen of Alphabeat. Alphabeat’s upbeat dance music will definitely put you in a party mood and Stine’s energy on stage will definitely have you shakin’ your moneymaker.The US is catching up to what the rest of the world already knows when it comes to this band and when their album “The Beat Is” comes out state-side, the 6 piece UK based Danish band are set to become superstars.He was joking, but he said he said he just wants people to hear the music.He shares vocal duties with the exquisite Stine Bramsen and when I met her prior to the gig, she was super nice (a picture of that coming soon).

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