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The remaining three women were convicted the following year, and each sentenced to 15 years.

Punishment for a second degree felony can range from 2 to 20 years, while punishment for a first degree felony can range from 5 years to life.The woman was charged with misdemeanor assault and taken to the Central Magistrate's Office.In recognition of Pride month, we are highlighting stories of exonerees who were wrongfully convicted on the basis of their perceived sexual identity.Bexar County court records indicate that the couple divorced in October 2016, a year after Fondren's wife discovered his affair with Martinez.The woman, who declined to be interviewed by The Defenders for this story, was involved in a fight with an off-duty Martinez on Christmas evening 2015, according to SAPD and county court records.

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    Wynn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (, he held clinical and administrative positions in addictions treatment, community mental health, private industry, and university counseling center settings. Wynn maintains a limited private practice and is an experienced consultant and trainer. University of North Florida Parents Association Program Development Grant for the development of the course, Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations; a collaboration between the Division of Student Affairs and the College of Education. D.) University of North Florida, ) annual convention, Orlando, FL. Unlocking the pieces: Community mental health in Northeast Florida inquiry (2014) (Wynn, R.) Resource speaker, Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.